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Comfortable Jersey Fabrics in Toronto – Maryan’s Fabrics Ltd.

A simple and elegant little black dress or a bright, casual top – you can have them drape just the way you want with fine jersey fabrics in Toronto from Maryan’s Fabrics Ltd. The jersey comes in various colours and patterns to fit any sewing project in cotton, wool, viscose, synthetic or cotton blend. We know the kind of affection one develops for their favourite jersey. We take special care to stock and sell nothing but the best. Our fabrics will ensure that your jerseys will occupy a place in your wardrobe a lot longer.

Visit us in Toronto. The Maryan’s Fabrics Ltd. staff is ready to answer your questions about any of our fabrics and help you find the right jersey from our collection, including:

Wool knits

Printed cotton and cotton lycra jerseys

Viscose jersey

Designer knits

Solid cotton and cotton lycra jersey

Printed stretch jersey knit fabrics

Cashmere jersey



Jersey fabrics in Toronto are made carefully by following the process below.

  • Creating fibres:
    We source high-quality raw materials, carefully selecting fibres that contribute to jersey fabric's soft, stretchy, and breathable nature. We ensure that the fibres meet our stringent standards through meticulous processing, setting the foundation for premium jersey textiles.

  • Knitting:
    The artistry of jersey fabric comes to life through the knitting process at Maryan's Fabrics Ltd. Our skilled artisans use state-of-the-art machinery to interlock the fibres intricately, forming a seamless and consistent fabric. This knitting technique is crucial in achieving the distinctive drape and comfortable stretch that characterize jersey fabrics, making them a preferred choice for various applications.

  • Twisting:
    To enhance the durability and resilience of our jersey fabrics, a precise twisting process follows the knitting stage. This step ensures the fibres are securely bound together, creating a fabric that can withstand wear and maintain its shape over time. We take pride in the thorough twisting process that contributes to the longevity of our jersey textiles.

  • Dyeing:
    Our jersey fabrics' vibrant and rich hues are achieved through a careful dyeing process. We offer an array of colours to suit diverse preferences. Our dyeing techniques not only add visual appeal but are also crafted to endure, maintaining the strength of the fabric even after multiple washes.


Our jersey fabric is mainly used for the following purposes.

  • Apparel:
    Commonly used in apparel, this breathable and comfortable fabric is perfect for crafting stylish, snug-fitting garments. Whether T-shirts, dresses, or casual wear, jersey fabric provides a flattering drape and a luxurious feel against the skin.


Please browse through our collection of jersey fabrics. If you like one from the gallery, you can contact us using our e-form, and we’ll get back to you with the pricing information.


Find the extensive selection of jersey fabric in Toronto at our store.

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