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Create summer outfits for the kids in sturdy cotton or a stylish linen suit for any occasion. Maryan’s Fabrics specializes in fresh, modern, contemporary linen and cotton fabric in Toronto and surrounding areas. Cotton is a great material for clothing thanks to its moisture control, insulation properties, and hypoallergenic nature. It’s soft and easily stretches, making it a great choice for clothing where a lot of movement is required. Linen is also strong and comfortable, keeping you cool in warm weather and absorbing moisture to allow your skin to breath. You can find both cotton and linen in a variety of colours, styles, and patterns at Maryan’s Fabrics Limited.

What’s the Difference Between Cotton and Linen Fabric?

So now that you have your sewing project in mind, what’s the best fabric for the job: cotton or linen? Both have many benefits and can appear very similar. Here are a few facts on these fabrics that can help you decide which to use in your project:

  • Comfort – Linen is crisper than cotton but becomes suppler and softer as it is handled, giving it a fluid drape. Cotton is soft and resilient naturally. Both fabrics do wrinkle with linen creasing more easily, but the wrinkles become smoother over time.
  • Moisture interactivity – Linen is great for towels because it naturally gains strength when wet and is resistant to bacterial growth. Cotton also has a similar absorbency as linen.
  • Warmth – Cotton and linen work well in layers for blankets or clothing to help retain heat during colder months. Linen is also a natural insulator and can help keep you cool in the summer months and warm when the temperature drops. Cotton can be used easily between different seasons as well depending on the layering.
  • Strength – Linen is strong, so strong it is used in paper money to increase its strength. Cotton also offers strength thanks to the process of spinning multiple fibres of cotton into yarn, which is then used to weave the desired fabric. While not as strong as linen, cotton does provide longevity to your clothes and blankets.
  • Care – Taking care of cotton or linen items is pretty straightforward, usually requiring a simple washing and drying with no elaborate steps required.

Visit our store in Toronto to see our extensive selection of colours, patterns, weights and textures. Maryan’s Fabrics Limited assists you in finding the right material in the correct measure for the designs you want. We also offer Liberty brand, plain fabrics and printed cotton patterns. Plus, we have all the trims and buttons you need to make everything you sew an original.

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